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WARNING – This game is totally addictive. Game is being recorded while you're playing. You can be tagged on Facebook or Twitter doing funny and crazy stuff. Fun is guaranteed with Adivinando, a game for the whole family.*** Ranked in the top games in over 30 countries ***
Enjoy with your friends of Adivinando, a funny game with 19 different categories and over 3000 words to guess in Spanish. Includes celebrities, objects, words, movies, food and television series from United States, Puerto Rico, Chile, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Spain, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and many other Spanish speaking countries. (Caribbean, Latin America and Europe).
Act like a super hero, like a bird, or like a celebrity, or like a video game character, you need to guess the word on the screen using your friend’s clues before the timer runs out. Remember, your game is being recorded while you're playing. Fun is guaranteed with Adivinando.
Features:- Fully in Spanish.- Play one of the 19 exciting categories, including Just for Kids and a special categories by country.- Your game is being recorded while you’re guessing the word.- Share the video with your friends over text message, Facebook or Twitter.- Share your score to your friends on Facebook or Twitter.- Create your own categories and words to guess. - Play with one friend, or many at the same time.- Fun is guaranteed with Adivinando, a game for the whole family.
Over 3000 words for guess in the following categories:- Puerto Rico (New)- Just For Kids- Animals- Countries- Sports- Super Heroes- Professions- United States- Celebrities- Objects- Act It Out- Movies- TV Shows- Video Games- Mexico- Venezuela- Chile- Colombia
This is the perfect game for parties, meetings, camping nights, or when you're waiting on a line, Fun is guaranteed with Adivinando a game for the whole family.
Adivinando is available in English (Guesser).